Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The side from the shoe

THEY LEFT AT NIGHT                                             GONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONE
DARK                                                                       GONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONE
STORMY                                                                     GONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONE
EMPTY                                                                     GONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONE
SHALLOW                                                                  GONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONE
THEY LEFT                                                             GONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONE
ME                                                                               GONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONE
THE                                                                          GONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONE
WALLS                                                                        GONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONE
BEDS                                                                        GONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONEGONE






Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Once upon a time . . .

Once upon a time. . ." wait erase that," One Day "no"When-" Urgh. Okay well on with the story!"

The sun was shinning in my eyes, it's a hot and humid day. He took my hand and said  "Let's go!" with a smirk. We were finally together. His name was-

"Wait a second let's rewind a little."

January 24, 2048


It was beautifully covered in delicate snow. I had just moved to a city called Amour.

My name was Melody Willows. I was 2 years old. Even though I was really young I knew my parents were hiding a secret. Our neighbors came to greet us. There was a little boy with golden blond hair, dark blue eyes, his cheeks was tinted with a light pink. He looked about my age, his face seems in shock. I went up to him, and grabbed his hand and led him into my new house. After that day he came over every day and played with me. "Bye honey I'll be home in a while."said my mom. After a while I heard ding dong, I ran to the door and threw it open. I was desperate for some company, and there he was just when I needed someone. His name was Jay Jones Soon it was my birthday and it was just me, him, and his family in my humongous palace-like-mansion. I urged for them to stay with me, so I won't be lonely, they did of course. I was turning three and soon going to school. Jay, my first and best friend, had a secret.


I was here the moment I was born I was in this house. I'm turning 3 years old tomorrow,  The next day, i had my birthday and I got my gifts. Like any other 3 year old I was really excited. I wish for someone to play with me to be my friend. Little did I know, my wish came true. The next day a little around my age moved to he mansion that was right next door. My family went over to welcome them. They left the door wide open so we went up the stairs. At first, there was anyone, but i caught a small foot come down the stairs. It was a little girl with silky strawberry blond hair that reached her waist. She had the most beautiful eyes and face I had ever seen. 


“Will you be my. . .”


MY heart was thumping hard. I thought I would die of nervousness. The whole world slowed down.She also had a beautiful voice. It’s suits her name.




Melody’s birthday had passed.Soon they both went to school, the same schools, the same classes, it didn’t seem like a coincidence. But no one could change the classes and schools of who goes where. NO ONE. But no one spoke up.All went on “normally”, for both of them. Both Melody and Ky were both popular in school, and both really don’t like it.


*Inhales*,*Exhales*.”Ahhhhhhh, finally freedom.” I sat down next to Ky on the soft grass, years passed quickly we’re already 14, in middle school almost high school. We were always popular in school because of our beauty and my family’s money. A lot of times I was shipped with Ky, and named “world’s cutest couple” in school.Then, from up behind a boy’s voice said” ahem,um, melody. . .” Even though he didn’t say anything I could tell what he was gonna say. “ I have liked you for a long time, would you be my girlfriend?” I didn’t would to  be harsh so I decided to politely decline. But, then Ky put his arm around me and said “ she’s mine.” So after that we start to fake date, until one day a boy, Cameron Roberts, a transfer student came to our classroom.


Today was my first day of school, since young I was homeschooled, today was actually my first step outside of my mansion. I wasn’t even allowed to make friends outside. Only one dared to come in by climbing in the fences. MY first laugh, my first friend. But one unfortunate day I had to move, I cried, screamed, protested, begged, everything I could so I could stay but nothing worked.The day i had to move, I waited for him but he didn’t come. I felt broken, shattered, I felt like couldn’t trust anymore. But when I walked in the classroom every girl started whispering. All the boys looked gloomy. I looked around the room the was one one girl didn’t seemed interested in me. She was strikingly gorgeous she caught me staring at her and she smiled at me. Then I heard the teacher say “ now Cameron would you like to introduce yourself?”
I smiled.”sure.” It all passe day really fast, soon it was lunch. The girl came up to me and asked “would you like to join us for lunch?” ‘Us’ I thought.Then a boy came up behind her, and said “come on.” He started dragging her,”wait” I said she looked almost surprised. “Oh, by the way my name’s melody Willows and this is my…”, “boyfriend” she slapped him and he chuckled and she said”pretend-boyfriend, Ky Kawaii.” I smirked and hed out my hand “ Cameron Roberts, well you know that already.” Soon i began trusting again, we became best friends but would it be more with melody?


When he came in I felt a feeling that kinda hurt, like jealousy. He was looking at her and she was smiling at him.’I don’t think I’ll get along with him’ but then at lunch, it was the complete opposite. For some reason I valued his decisions. He became a quick popular, smart, athletic, handsome, almost ‘Perfect’. But everyone has a weak spot, although I can’t seem to find that side. Soon, I could see that he had a ‘thing’ for Melody. My feelings for her began to grow too, would I stay in the friend zone or could it be more?

To Be Continued . . .

The summary of my plot is incomplete, because the main character has gone on strike and decided to write her own story.

The characters are nonexistent at the moment, because they have refused to let me dictate their lives for another chapter. As a result, I have no control over their names, appearance or personalities anymore.

The conflict has been vetoed because the characters seem to have gotten the idea that I cause them too much grief.

The setting has been changed drastically, seeing as all the characters have run away.

The theme was never really a thing, and any sort of a theme that might have been is gone due to, as I mentioned previously, the character strike.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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New Girl by Maya Nielsen

New Girl
By Maya Nielsen

Chapter 1

The first day of school is my favorite day of the entire year except for my birthday. And that year I was turning 13, so it would be the best year of my life. I love the first day of school because everyone can see how much I had changed from my old 6 grade self to my brand new amazing self. Especially at Hampton Gifted and Talented Middle School, where everything is about how good you are at everything.

Chapter 2

“Riss! How was your summer?”
“Oh it was just fab!” Rissa had been in Hawaii all summer and I had been at Adventure Sleepaway Camp for 4 weeks, so we could only Facetime twice. It was terrible, but that’s why I love the first day of school; so I could see Rissa again.
Just so you know, Rissa (Marissa for real) was my best friend up until a little less than half way through 6 grade. I know I said was, and I’ll explain more about that later.

Chapter 3

The first day of school at Hampton Middle was absolutely horrible. Rissa and I were in separate classes. We have never been in separate classes and I didn’t know what to do. I insisted to complain to the principal, but my homeroom teacher wouldn’t let me. Anyway, our story really begins a week after then first day of school, so let’s start there.

Chapter 4
(One week later)

She came in wearing her bright pink overalls that I would later come to adore. They are her signature look now; but more about that later.
“Welcome Naomi. You can sit over there next to Ruby,” Ms. Garcia said as she pointed in my direction. I was screaming inside because I had specifically asked on the first day of school not to have anyone sit next to me in protest of not having my best friend beside me. I crossed my arms over my chest and scrunched up my face as Naomi sat down next to me. I looked away as she looked at me, embarrassed that she saw me do that.
Ms. Garcia called me over to her desk as kids were leaving for gym class.
“I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in my class. I know you know this and I would like to talk to you further about it. But, now is not a good time. I will see you in detention this afternoon in Mr. Green’s classroom.”
“What? You can’t do that to me!” I yelled as she was pushing me out the door.
“Humph!” I said as I was walking out the door.

Chapter 5
(Later that afternoon, in detention)

Kids were throwing spitballs everywhere and I couldn’t take any more minutes of it. I gathered my things and simply walked out the door. It was a lot easier than I thought and I assumed the detention teacher didn’t even notice. Ms Garcia had left about 15 minutes ago, so nobody was watching me every second. I left the building and went home. When I got home, my mom asked me where i had been and i just said: “after school club” and she believed me.

Chapter 6
(One month later, Halloween right around the corner)

“Hey Riss, what are you going to be for Halloween?” I asked her at lunch.
“You know, I have no idea. But what about that girl Naomi?” she said. “I bet she’ll wear something weird like a sheet for a ghost. Weirdo!” she exclaimed as she pointed to Naomi.
“Hey Riss! That’s not so nice,” I told her.
“So? Since when do you care about Naomi?”
“I mean, I don’t really… but I don’t want anyone to be bullied I guess.”

Chapter 7
(Halloween night, Ruby’s house)

“How much candy did you get Riss?!” I asked her.
“I don’t know, a lot I guess.”
“Hey; why are you so negative?”
“Don’t you feel like we’re too old to go trick-or-treating?”
“No. Why, do you?”
“Yeah. I mean, I’m 13 and your turning 13 in December.”
“So?” I said as I was stuffing as many gummy bears in my mouth at a could.
“So, we’re teenagers. And everyone knows that teenagers don’t go trick-or treating.”
“Why does that have to be true for everyone though?”
“You know what, forget it,” she said and just left.

Chapter 8
(The next day)

Riss ignored me for the whole day. I didn’t understand what the whole deal about trick-or-treating was, but nevertheless, I didn’t talk to her. At lunch, I sat next to some people I didn't even know. They didn’t talk to me, and I didn’t talk to them either. So lunch was silent and I wasn’t used to it. I sure didn’t like it either. Around halfway through lunch, Naomi sat down next to me and started talking to the other people at the table. I knew she saw me but of course she ignored me because of what Riss did that day right before Halloween.
“Look, I’m sorry about what Marissa said that other day, but it really wasn’t my fault. In fact, when you left, I defended you and said how that what she said wasn’t so nice. So, could you please not ignore me?” I told her.
“Fine. But you have to promise not to be mean to me and also that your friend won’t be mean to me.”

(From that day on, Ruby and Naomi were best friends forever because Naomi didn’t have any best friends and Ruby felt that Rissa wasn’t her friend anymore.)

Name:EVan Waters  Class: Ms.Awlterasidallisamousa (Ms.A)       B+         

Our Little Story                                                  
Assignment: Talk about                                                         
What you are the most
Proud of. Please write
It here first with a typed piece
Underneath:  i will be writing about
My band. Don't worry it’s not violent                       

Here’s my typed piece:
Drums pounding, banging their hearts out. Bass vibrating, ringing in my ears. This is my life. My music. I guess I’m a pretty ordinary kid. High school rockstar and all. Not trying to brag but my band and I are extremely popular at our lame high school. Chuck has the drums down, Jack is the bass master. I’ve got singing and electric guitar, Luke has the coolest electric piano sounds. Our band,Dry Ice, is solid. We’re not your average high school dropouts drug addicts- you know it all- we get pretty good grades, As and Bs mostly. The four of us have been best bros since we were in Pre-K and as Juniors we are still THISCLOSE. My name is Evan Walters. I’ve done 38 concerts with my dudes.
My band means the world to me. I literally would be nothing without it. Our songs have a meaning. Most of the time it's about girls. In Chuck’s case it’s about the future. Me, the past. Last night we had a sick concert. Sorry Ms. I have to add that this is why half our class is absent. Wow Evan! I had no idea! It’s ok, we’ve all had hangovers… -Ms. A
Anyways, I left the space above for you to write anything, I understand you don’t expect much from this drug addicted high school, but my bros and I really try hard, you can't be famous if you are dumb. So our concert was so rad, we even got paid and we’re invited to play for Nirvana. I know it’s probably because Jack dad is the bass guy, but the rest of the band agrees we’re pretty sick. I guess that’s kind of it. Oh yeah, we’re supposed to have a conflict. Well this boy Liam, he wants to join our band as a singer, but we already have me and I am already the most popular boy at our school, he is super lame, AND he has no talent whatsoever! Plus, our band has a no C- AVERAGE members rule, sorry Liam! Well, I'm outie. See ya.

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Legends of The Green Army

      Legends Of The Green Army: Part 1-
Plants vs Zombies 2

"You may now take a computer, Miles and Logan" said Miles' mom. Miles wheeled on a computer in his chair, competing with Logan, his best friend. But Logan came in faster and his computer was already on, making him first to log onto Plants vs. Zombies 2, their favorite game. They had received $5 each on their computer, enough for both of them to buy a premium plant. Each of them had 1 premium plant already,  and Miles had chomper and Logan had cactus. They were each equally good at the game, and they still couldn't decide which one of them was better at the game. After a few minutes, Miles bought gems so he could unlock a premium plant, and he bought hypmotizershroom, a plant that when zombies eat it, they turn around and eat other zombies instead of other plants. Logan bought bristlethorn, a plant that launches spikes to zombies closest to the house. Logan wanted to buy all cactus-related plants, and bristlethorn was one. And together they played, until more than 500 miles away a team of illegal inventors tested their game digitizer invention on Logan and Miles, curious to see if the dangerous and risky invention worked. And it certainly did, but unfortunately the random people Miles and Logan were the people tested. So in Florida, the illegal inventors started booting the disastrous digitizer up to full power as Logan and Miles tried the first level just to test their new plants. A second later, and the digitizer was up to full and ready to fire. Logan and Miles picked their plants, and at the same time as they both pressed start the digitizer fired. Suddenly, instead of clicking on plants to plant them, they disappeared. Just as soon as they saw blindingly white light, it disappeared. They then saw ancient Egypt, and then near them they saw an ancient Egyptian house with pictures of plants on the walls and the roof. They looked around and they both yelled at the same time to each other : "we're in plants vs. zombies 2?!". As they both agreed to look in the house, another figure watched them. "Waggle fibloom bagalwa?"the mysterious presence watched over them as they entered the presence's house. The presence then disappeared to meet the visitors. Meanwhile, Miles and Logan looked around the house, dazzled by the pictures of plants that had a  double barreled mouth. Logan exclaimed, "isn't that the repeater?" Miles replied" I think so". And then a shadow swept over them and both Miles and Logan grabbed something near them and swung it out to the shadow. But the shadow quickly stepped back, unharmed. As Miles and Logan braced themselves to fight, the shadow stepped out into the light and revealed himself. "Migaffle?" he said. Miles and Logan then relaxed as they saw Crazy Dave, a character in plants vs. zombies 2. "Oh, it's just Crazy Dave" Miles said. "This must be his house" Miles said. "Snorkel daggle" Crazy Dave said. Logan translated "the zombies will be coming. You must plant to stop them. Here are some seed packets"."Cool!" Miles and Logan both said at the same. Then they heard a mysterious sound coming from outside. It was a loud groaning sound coming from outside. As they looked out the window, they realized it was getting louder and louder. It was zombies! As Miles and Logan panicked, they realized there was no room for panicking and only room for preparation. So they prepared. They planted sunflowers, and it was completely awesome because they just automatically grew. Then when they gathered enough sun, they planted peashooters along the line one up from the sunflowers. The zombies came then, looking hungry for a nice, juicy, and fresh brain. So the repeaters shot the zombies down and they were safe! But then everything sparkled in a shiny green shower. “Logan?”Miles yelled. Logan appeared right next to him, just as shocked as he was. Logan was just as dignified as Miles. Then the shower cleared off and they appeared on a bed.
But not just any bed. It was an uncomfortable bed like they use in the army. The two boys looked at each another, bewildered. Then they saw that there was a door that looked suspiciously like the ones in aircraft carriers that open automatically and automatically close behind you. “You want to get off this boat?” asked Logan. “Ok” Miles replied. They walked out, ready for another adventure.

-The End of
Book #1

Notes from friends

How to Plan a Murder

  • Identify target.
  • Gather information on target.
  • Execute murder.