Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Filling in the Missing Part of Harrison Bergeron

  As Harrison left the screen, screams of terror and fear arose.
"Well that seemed bad!" Hazel said."
"Well yeah, look at what our son has become!"
George could not finish his thought as another sound in his radio alarmed him. It had sounded like Styrofoam rubbing against each other with rock music playing in the background.  This threw him off because George STRONGLY dislikes rock music, so he gets very out of focus. On top of it all, there was the sound of Styrofoam rubbing against each other which can drive people CRAZY!
  "I can tell that one was really bad." Hazel said. George had no response, so he left it at that. George had shook his head, and went to Harrison's old bedroom. There wasn't much he could do, but he could at the very least reminisce old memories. He felt bad having to leave Hazel by herself, but then he felt that sometimes her train of thought could be a bit too basic, and she didn't have to constantly be reminded of her intelligence. George murmured to himself trying to calm down about the situation at hand. He tried. Oh, indeed he tried. The radio went off with the sound of an out-of-tune instrument that sounded way too squeaky. George was beginning to get upset, and started to realize that what the government was doing was taking advantage of everyone. It may not have seemed like it, but they were. Slowly, but surely.
"George!" Hazel cried out.
"Yes?!" George replied, using a booming voice that could travel through their entire house. George had returned to their living room to figure out why Hazel had cried for him. When George saw Hazel, her eyes were red and puffy. She had clearly been crying.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Filling the Void in Harrison Bergeron by Nailah Bell

even if I can't become what i can become maybe one day my mom and will see what i have become a hero,a superstar' and i know my mom would be prude of me. but my dad would be more happy and i know they love me and they always do even if i don't knew them. 
Maybe they would be 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The flowers so beautiful depict colors of life.
Wonderful colors of autumn so bright
The butterfly finding its own way
To the flowers it has much to say.
The bee finding its nectar so pure.
The flowers pulls it towards allure.
The flowers so beautiful depict colors of life.                                         

Sunrise and Sunset
The beauty of the sunset,
Tells us something each day,
That another day ended today,
The beauty of sunrise,
Tells us this day is here to stay,
The wind blowing on the face,
Tells us life is a running race,
Get inspired by nature each day,
To make your way!

Sunrise and Sunset
The beauty of the sunset,
Tells us something each day,
That another day ended today,
The beauty of sunrise,
Tells us this day is here to stay,
The wind blowing on the face,
Tells us life is a running race,
Get inspired by nature each day,
To make your way!
Glowing Stars
The glowing stars at night,
Gives us a wonderful sight,
The brightest moon at night,
Makes everything look clear and white,
The calm sound of the night,
What a pretty sight,
The glowing stars at night!

Lovely tree standing at that side
Lovely tree standing at the corner of my house
Gives me air when the wind blows
Gives me so much shade in the sun
Gives me the fruits that I want
Gives me solace that I need in thoughts
The tree standing at the corner of my house
Gives me vibes so cool and well
That I forget everything in life
The tree gives me a strange respite
I love the tree and nature along the way
It gives me peace like a wonderful song
That tree at the corner of my house!

The time of the day which is all bright
My favorite time of the day is night
When there is darkness but still so bright
The constellation of the stars
Makes up for the most amazing sight
The moon when it shines in its glory
Gives a radiance and peace along
Night time feels so good and graceful
There is silence in the air
Wherever you look same thing you will feel
In the darkness of the night that real
Many emotions untold in the heart
Night time is my favorite part
Sunrise in the summer
The sun rises with its beaming glory,
Every Day it starts with a new story,
The chirping of birds,
The sound so sweet,
The sweetness of the pleasant heat,
The summer is here and so is fun,
It says the day has just begun!

The winter time is so good
The winter time is so good
The snow that falls down the road
I recollect many things in life
The snow fall fills the life with color white
The snowfall gives a positive vibe
The winter Christmas vibe,
The snowfall makes my snowman
Makes me feel excited about the sledding sessions
I just love that white snow on my roof
It gives me a silent proof
That nature surely has all the colors
The most pretty one is color white,
The winter time is good!

The mountains look so green
The mountains look so wonderful
Covered with the layer of green
It makes me feel just awesome
That cover which looks so white
My mood gets bright seeing the tree
My mood gets bright seeing the scenic view
I want to spend my time
Looking at this wonderful nature which
Makes me forget all my stress
Makes me forget who I am
Nature a beautiful creation of Almighty
It makes you forget everything
Just makes up for a pretty scene!

The fresh air that comes on my face
The fresh air which comes on my face
The scenic snow clad mountains have grace
Those flowers blooming so bright
Making me feel so relaxing and calm
The river that flows in between
The warm sun that makes an amazing sight
You feel out of the world
You truly feel all right
The fresh scenic view that I see
Makes me forget everything in the world
I feel so fresh and have that glee
Nature is truly so pretty
Nature is really so awesome to see
Nature is just so lovely!

Natural beauty
The natural beauty has much to say,
The beautiful crossroads and long way,
The nature has its charm,
The nature will keep us unsafe,
If we don't keep it safe!

Natural beauty
The natural beauty has much to say,
The beautiful crossroads and long way,
The nature has its charm,
The nature will keep us unsafe,
If we don't keep it safe!

Nature Poems


Monday, January 30, 2017

Definitely not my story i wrote in 6th grade

Chapter 1: Hunger
As I trudged through the freezing snow I caught a glimpse of a colossal pile of fresh, glazed, acorns stuffed in a burrow. I ran to the burrow and came face to face with the fiery hot eyes of a red fox. His ears were piercing, his tail lingered in the air, and his eyes burned hotter than the fiery pits of hell. He grinned as he opened his mouth. I stared at the malicious fangs that would end my life. I closed my eyes to seal my fate. I felt the scorching breath of the furry beast. I blinked harder waiting for the beast to strike. It walked closer stalking me as prey. Every step it took the closer I was to dying. Then it happened it swiped at me scratching my cheek. I ran and ran, scattering away from the savage leviathan that wants to feast on my flesh. I climbed an old maple tree on my left. I reached the highest branch i could get to. Yet the fox seemed even closer. He scratched and scraped the bark off the tree but he couldn’t climb it. Finally, I finally won it was over, but I was still hungry. I thought back to those nuts for a second, but then again I did just almost die. My stomach rumbled with fury, roaring as loud as a volcano. I overlooked the area for any source of food then i found a lost family of baby birds. Finally a squirrel's favorite snack. I ran and pranced all the way to them. I took one final leap and “BOOM” I banged my head on a tree stump. The birds saw me from a mile away. They tweeted to taunt me as they flew away. I sat on the stump with a sigh. The wind blew snow in my face, and a shiver went down my spine. I stood up to start walking. My vision got blurry, and i felt dizzy. I swayed back and forth and fell to the ground. I felt nothing, heard nothing, and only saw DARKNESS.

Chapter 2: Hearth
I woke up with a headache. I was in a warm and cozy tree. There were lit candles that heated me with warmth. “Where am I ?” “In my home” “Ahhhh! Who are you!” “Speaking will hurt you more, you need to rest” “But, first you need to tell me who you are” “If you insist” A frail old owl walked into the room. She had a long scar that stretched all the way past her eyelid. Brown and white feathers as white as snow. She hunched over and held a twig used as a cane and a cup made from and acorn. The cup had cold spring water in it. “Here, drink up” “Thank you my name is Ethan” “Nice to meet you, Ethan my name is Beatrice”. “Well, thank you Beatrice, but I really have to go” “No, you need to rest” As I got up she forcefully grabbed my shoulder. With little hesitation, I turned back and swiped my paw at her. A loud slapping noise silenced the room. Beatrice was lying on the floor. I crouched to help her up, but she ignored my hand. “I’m so sorry!” “It’s fine, it’s not like it hasn’t happened before” “What do you mean by happened before”  “Do you really want to know?” “Yes” “Ok, it was 1992 in a place called Brooklyn there lived thousands of people, but these people weren’t animals. They were much taller, stronger, faster, and even smarter than us. We call them the Shadow walkers.” Wind blew past and the branches flowed in the air. “ They live in gigantic houses and Have so much food. But, even if they sound nice, they sure aren’t. They have slaughtered billions of animals just like us, and they get away with it. They’re all evil. They keep us in cages and feed us CRAP!” I looked in Beatrice’s eyes they were full of anger yet still sympathetic. “I’m sorry Ethan, maybe we can do this another day” “No!, I need to Know more” “I, I, I just can’t”. She walked away into another room, and turned off the lights as she left. My eyes started to close, as I drifted off to another world.

Chapter 3: Incubus
I stood in the woods and heard screaming, there was a luminous light that radiated brightness in the distance. There was a forest fire. I ran toward the fire and saw a little creature, it wasn’t an animal it looked cute yet you could see the fright in it’s eyes. She kept saying “help please, help me” I ran to grab her, but then her face turned evil her eyes turned all black, and she started to laugh like a monster. She ran at me and struck me in the eye. Blood trickled down my cheek, and I yelled for help. She came up to my face and stepped on my stomach. Blood gushed out my mouth, and I started to feel the evil corrupt my soul. I was blinded by a flash of light. I was on a table, and the thing I saw by the tree before grabbed me. I tried to scream but my voice was muffled. It handed me to another thing just like it but bigger. I felt a sharp cold metal stab me. It released me onto a rusty surface with a lot of ash on it. The thing’s hand moved to right like it was turning something. Suddenly I felt the air get so much hotter. Smoke came out the surface. I felt like back was burning on the sun. The heat soon scorched my whole body. I was being cooked. I felt like someone threw me in the sun. I cried out but no one heard me. The thing picked me up, opened his mouth and he threw me right in. He chomped my whole body to pieces, and it swallowed me in one big gulp. I was sliding down his throat, about to fall in his stomach but then the same flash of light that I saw earlier blinded me. “Huuh!” I woke up in Beatrice’s tree. I was sweating like an ice cube in the summer. A shadowy figure walked in and turned on the lights. It blinded me and made my vision blurry. It was just Beatrice. “I heard you screaming and shaking in your sleep”. “Oh, it’s nothing” “You don’t have to lie, it's happened to me before too. What did you see in the dream?”. “It was the, the um shadow walkers you talked about before, they threw me on a grill and then they tried to hurt me, that’s it.” “Did you see anything else.” “Nothing else really but I did see a flash of light” “Oh no we need to get you out of here right now.” “Wait, why?” “Because The flash of light you saw isn’t just a flash of light it’s a warning” “A warning of what?” “The Shadow Walkers.” A buzzing sound interrupted the conversation. Some type of machine cut through the bottom of the tree. We started to fall back towards the ground. There we lied on the floor catching our breath. “What was that?” “The Shadow Walkers, they’re here.”

Chapter 4: Beatrice
I got up off the ground and started to cough up ash. A big creature was standing right in front of me. “Well, well, well, what do we have here” it swung a sharp weapon at me, and I just barely dodged it. It yelled in anger and ran at me. I ran as fast as I could. Then it dived at me. A big shadow fell over my head, he was about to smash me to bits, but then 8 sharp talons grabbed my shoulders. I started to lift off the ground into the sky. Above me was an old owl, it was Beatrice. I heard a loud noise that sounded like a bomb. Suddenly a small metal tip hit Beatrice right in the back.. We started to fall slowly into a tree. “Beatrice are you okay?” Blood dripped out her mouth down to her chin. She’s, she’s dead. Instantly the same weapon I saw before separated me and Beatrice. With little thinking I jumped of the branch and into a yellow vehicle. It looked like a truck with a scooping  thingy in the front. I fell right on the roof of it. In it was a skinny shadow walker in overalls and a straw hat. its skin was red from the sun. Next to it was an empty driver. “That must be where the thing that killed Beatrice sat”. A grumbling noise came from behind me. The thing I saw earlier was there. He opened the vehicle’s door and sat down. Gas started to leak out a pipe connected to the vehicle. The tires started to rotate and we started to move. The sky got darker and I heard owls whoing, which reminded of Beatrice. I put my head down and started to cry. Even if I didn’t know Beatrice that well the tears were real. I closed my eyes kept thinking where am I going.
Chapter 5: The Ranch
The next day, I woke up on the same vehicle. It was morning time. In front of me was a big red and white barn. I jumped off the truck thingy and ran inside. No shadow walkers were there but there were other animals. A cow named Pamela, 3 horses, 10 chickens, and a mama pig and her 5 kids. The cow spoke up in a loud voice “ Woo, Hoo fresh meat.” “Wait you’re not gonna eat me right?” “No of course not” Her eyes were filled of hunger and she kept licking her lips. I started to slowly walked away. “Hey, Where do you think you’re going, if we all look hungry it’s because those humans don’t ever feed us” “Humans, what are humans?” “Oh don’t tell me you believe they’re called shadow walkers!” “They are, or that’s at least what Beatrice said.” “Well if you really knew Beatrice you would’ve known that she’s crazy.” “Shadow walkers are just a name to scare children they’re called humans.” “Well then why are you here and not free?” “Because running away won’t do any good, they’re everywhere.” “Well then how do we take them down?” “There is a way but it is very risky, he calls himself the president.” “And what do I do to the president?” “You Kill him!” “But I don’t know where he is or what he even looks like.” “Ok then he has blonde hair, lots of money, and an orange face, he calls himself JOSEPH SULLIVAN.” The name struck fear into my soul and sent a shiver down my spine. “He should be going to New york tomorrow to give a speech. We need you to assassinate him then and there or it’s extinction for all animals.” “Ok, but how do I get to New york?” A horse stall opened and out of the shadows came an old gray mule. “I will.” “No you can’t Banjo, your traveling days are over.” “I don’t care I would do anything to overthrow those humans even if it means dying.” He walked outside the barn, and I jumped on his back we walked away following an old gray road.

Chapter 6: The Bridge
Me and Banjo arrived at a gigantic bridge surrounded by water, there were all types of cars splurging every where. I would never get across, I started to think about how are we gonna get there but suddenly a speeding car hit banjo in the face that definitely ended his life. A lifeless body of a mule stood right there and not one person stopped to help, these people really are evil. When the car hit Banjo it thrusted me upward on to another car’s roof. I had to keep jumping and jumping until I slipped right on to a windshield breaking the glass. I clawed onto a person’s face so I didn’t fly out the window. I scratched and clawed their face but they kept trying to pull me off. It threw me backwards making me crash into the back window. I was rolling on the floor, and above me there was a giant delivery truck with no hesitation I fell flat on the floor so I wouldn’t get hit. I ran forward and forward and I hit a car headlights that flung me onto the cables of the bridge. I quickly scattered up the cables to the bridge tower and jumped off. I was already halfway there. I fell in the basket of a bicycle and the cyclist swatted me onto a person’s head. The person didn’t seem to notice so he walked closer and closer to the bridge. But up above was a gray pigeon. It stuck it’s butt out positioning itself to poop. I didn’t want to get pooped on but I didn’t want to blow my cover either, so I did the only thing I could do I jumped to the right, and dived in the ocean.

Chapter 7: The Sewers
My body was soaked when I was floating in the water. There was a pipe near where the bridge ended. I swam toward it each stroke took away portions of air. When I reached the pipe the water was green with stuff like feces, garbage, and dead animals in it. I swam up the pipe where there was no water just a tunnel with a sidewalk at the side. A growling sound came from the sewage in between the sidewalks. A pair of yellow eyes opened, sharp teeth showed, and a scaly nose appeared. The animal jumped up and tried to bite me but before it could I put out it’s eyes. I looked straight at it to see what it was, It was a crocodile. It growled and ran at me I ran and ran away from the scaly beast. I turned a corner. Two men with orange vest and construction hats were right there they grabbed me and threw me to the other side. There was a ladder covered by a manhole. I climbed up to open it but it was too heavy. A loud roar came from behind me. Then a chomping sound. I turned back to see the two men gone, and only the crocodile. I pushed and pushed and the manhole didn’t budge. The crocodile ran towards me to snap my bones in half. It came to me and jumped and jumped. I pushed again and again but nothing happened. I felt the croc breathing behind me. He finally jumped higher. I would be food in just a few seconds but then something opened the manhole, it was another squirrel.

Chapter 8: The Tribe
He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. As soon as I got out he closed the lid on the crocodile’s nose, knocking him out. “Who are you?” “You mean who are we?” A group of all types of animals came out the bushes in the park nearby. There were squirrels, birds, rats, and a racoon. “We are the Tribe, we all live in that tree in the center of the park. We all have troubled past but we all are just here to help, so please will you join us?” The tensions were high and I felt I couldn’t say no. He put out his arm and I walked with him. “Yes.” When we got to the tree there were lots of humans here. “How do you guys survive here?” “Because this is the only place where humans accept us, where peace is everywhere. Now come I’ll give you a tour.” We walked inside the tree hole and it looked huge. There were lots of rooms and a big room at the end of the hall. “What’s in the there?” “The queen’s chamber, here I’ll show you” We walked inside and there was a squirrel with similar features of me her name was Vivian. “Hello, I’m Ethan.” “Ethan I always liked that name.” A loud scream came from the room next door. “What’s in there?” Vivian and Carl the squirrel that saved me gave each other a concerned look. “Nothing to worry about, just never go into that room.” Her words struck fear into my soul. “Well we’ll show you to your room.” They showed me my room, it was small with a leaf as a bed and a rock as a pillow. “Enjoy!” They closed the door and started to talk, I walked up to the door to hear what they were saying. “He’s gonna figure out sooner or later what’s in that room Vivian.” “Well we’ll just have to figure out a way to keep him out or we’ll have to kill him.” “ I’m not gonna let you kill him Vivian he’s our son and I’m not gonna screw up the only second I have.” Our son? I kept saying that in my head as I crawled in bed to sleep.

Chapter 9: The Room
A loud bell rang in the kitchen. “ Everyone up, it’s breakfast time!” I walked to open the door. There was roasted nuts and bread on a table made of twigs. Before I could reach the food a bunch of birds at the bread and a racoon took all the nuts and stuffed them down his throat. I turned back to my room for more sleep, but the screaming I heard last night shook the whole tree. The curiousness inside me led me towards the noise. I slowly opened the door and in the room I saw dozens of dead squirrels in there, their bodies carved of their meat and only bone left. My eyes widened and I screamed. Everyone woke up and came to the room. Vivian and Carl were there with everyone else, yet they didn’t look surprised it was like they already knew. “I thought we told you to not go in there.” They all had sharpened sticks in their hands, ready to fight. “You shouldn’t have gone in there Ethan.” They all ran at me with their weapons. I ran backwards up the pile of and jumped out the tree making a giant hole in it. They all ran at me, and I was screaming for help but no one answered. I ran with all the strength I had in my body. I ran and ran but before I could escape I tripped on a twig. They all positioned to throw their sticks at me. “Throw in 3,2,1…” I closed my eyes and I heard them release but I didn’t feel a thing. I opened my eyes to see Carl’s dead body in front of me. “This was for you son.” He closed his eyes and drifted off to another world. With the other animals weaponless I ran away to the steps of a white building. It read “Senator Sullivan speech tonight” I walked up the stairs and opened the doors.

Chapter 10: The Guard
As soon as I got in there were billions of humans dressed in fancy suits and dresses but what got my attention was the man speaking, Sullivan himself. He had black hair, A black and white suit, and brown eyes. Guards surrounded him there was no way I could get anywhere near him. I heard a loud boom from my left. “Squirrel!” I scattered up the beam connected to the wall. The guard kept firing and firing he shot all over the room, all except for where I was, he almost shot a person all until he shot the center of the beam. A whole chunk of the roof fell down clusters and clusters of marble and wood fell down. A whole wall stood there and it blocked the only exit in the building. I finally reached the top of the beam and held on to it. The guards ran away to try and find me. There was no one to protect Sullivan this was my only chance, but he was too far away. I heard a bark below me there was a dog in the room. His eyes were bloodshot red, his teeth were extra sharp and foam was drooling out his mouth, He had rabies.

Chapter 11: The Bite
I knew the only way to kill him was to sacrifice myself, so I leaped down right in front of the dog’s face. We stood eye to eye, I gulped with regret as he sharply bite me. Half of my tail stung like a million bees, but it was worth it. I saw only darkness as I turned into something else. My eyes turned all black as I was swallowed into the dark depths of an evil world unlike any other. My teeth turned as sharp as a shark, foam drooled out my mouth like the slobber of a dog, and my claws turned as prickly as a porcupine’s hair. I’ve gone rabid. I went berserk and attacked everyone I jumped on someone’s face and clawed it rapidly. I destroyed a woman’s $5000 dollar dress, but the worse thing was when I killed someone. My eyes were targeted on Sullivan, I screeched like a rat, and charged him like a bull. His face was full of blood and bruises. His guards came back and shot so many bullets that all missed, until one didn’t. Before my life ended I had to kill Sullivan,, I had to. So I bit him right in the neck. A vein in his neck popped and he bled to death. His lifeless body dropped to the floor, with me in his hand. His hand opened and released me. The silent thud on the floor somehow silenced the whole room. There I laid, and there my life ended.

Chapter 12: Legends Always Fall
As I took my last breaths I thought about why that fox didn’t kill me. He could've easily killed me, yet he didn’t. I guess all animals are sweet on the inside, except for humans. I remember all the people I met,  like Beatrice, Carl, and Pamela the cow. I remember my enemies like the fox, vivian, the crocodile, and Humans. I remember when I fought against the human that killed Beatrice. Yet out of all of those things I remember one like it was written on my forehead, it was when I got shot. I started to grunt and I struggled for air. My vision got blurry, my eyes flooded with tears, my mouth full of blood, but I didn’t feel any of it, I felt nothing, but I wasn’t forgotten, I was a legend.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Divergent: Tris' Realization

Dauntless. Divergent. Huh. I actually felt comfortable saying those words. Which… I shouldn’t. At least not Divergent, anyway. Tori said it’s a dangerous word. Like, if i say it in front of someone like Eric or Jeanine Matthews, I would most likely get killed. But, Jeanine already knows. And, I need to find Tobias. He said he had to tell me something. I think it’s about escaping.We are with the factionless and are currently in the midst of a war between Erudite, Dauntless, and Abnegation. When you’re Divergent, it’s not necessarily the MOST comforting thing to know that there are people watching, looking, and wanting to kill me. There are people watching my every move. Well, not EVERY. There are people that are searching, using their BEST resources to find me. Me. Me. Like my brother. My brother has become a resource. It’s also not the most comforting thing to know that you are never safe now. Never. And that your parents died willingly for you just to be “safe”. You… Just. To. Be. Safe.