Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My Story

My Story

Tears. . .
I feel tears down my cheeks.
 Reaching, my hand raising to wipe the salty tears,
 from which you get when you're sad or depressed.
 My hands is reaching and has reached.
But the it's not there.

I panic.

Suddenly, I become calm.
 I always wonder had happened in the past.
I never knew.

I Forgot.

Who am I.
Who should I be.
Then, I met you. . .
Who are you?
I wonder.
I wondered.
You smile at me.
I smile back.
Then I feel warmth flowing into me.
I am back.

I remember.

I take my hand and led me into the light.
I was chained in a cage.
BUT now I'm free.

Thank you.

Mixed Auras

Of all that exists on the earth
I am the only one that proved my worth
I am the only one that broke free
I am the One of Mixed Auras
You must not envy me
I control past, present and future
I am death, I am life
At the gate your words must not slur
Otherwise I wield a knife
Be wary of the power that I carry
To be is to feel pain
Do not hesitate, do not tarry
Or never be reborn again
The beginning is the end
Your life was over before it began
The thread has broken and cannot be mend
From death's embrace many ran
To flee is to admit weakness
Lurking inside your heart
Accept death with honor and nothing less
The journey may be hard
But a shard of memory shall be left
To cure you of a broken heart
Apon your grave will lie a wreath
To escort you to your realm of death

hafrriman bergsarroni

Then he blew up like Twizzlers and he was gone. In his place was a small, round potato.It then too blew up, but this time like an egg. And then everything went back to normal.

Harrison Bergeron missing piece

One by one, Harrison tore off his handicaps. The scrap metal clattered around. His glasses shattered. His headphones cracked on the floor. He spit out the black caps on his teeth. The last thing to go was the red rubber ball, bouncing off into the distance.

Harrison smiled a wicked smile. He looked straight at the camera. Then he took the hand of the ballerina who was on the news broadcast.

"And you will be my empress!" he said, taking off the lady's mask. She shook her hair and blinked, since she hadn't been without the mask in so long. She shrugged off the bags of birdshot.

"Ascend, fair queen, Pantheon," Harrison said as she smiled. "There shall we consummate our spousal rites."

"Not so fast," Diana Moon Glampers came in with a powerful sub-machine energy blaster in her hands.

Harrison's eyebrows would have relayed shock if they hadn't been shaved off.

A bolt shot out of the gun. There was barely anything Harrison and the Empress could have done.

Harrison Hates His Hideous Hair

For live TV to see Harrison stripped himself of his ball and chain. His handicapped burden fell to the ground and shook the station. The ballerina and the news anchor with a speech impediment started to run, but Harrison, now free of his burden chased them down. He dragged them back to the camera and took away their burdens. The hideous face mask revealed a beautiful face. As soon as the ballerina’s handicap bags came away she seemed free as a butterfly. When the ballerina spoke her beautiful voice echoed through the TV. She said “thank you” she said, Harrison’s happiness was evident. As George watched, his own son pulled a gun and shot, Harrison’s brain splattered the TV screen and George-, his thoughts were cut of at the sound of a nuclear bomb from the Dark Ages.


Then everyone threw off their costumes and laughed. "Gee," said Hazel, "That was a fun play!"


Harrison wasn't going to hurt anyone, he just needed to let them know he was tough. That he wasn't going to stand for people telling him to put a mask on, just because he was more handsome then someone else. Harrison knew that maybe somewhere his parents were watching. Maybe his friends that were part of the rebellion would see him and know he had escaped. 
"After being imprisoned because the government thought I was plotting a rebellion, I am finally free!" Harrison yelled. He knew he didn't have much time to talk.
"I am leading a rebellion! They will overthrow our government and we start basing our laws off of equity, not equality!" Harrison yelled at the camera. He needed to find Simon, his partner, and best friend. He would know what to do. But he didn't even know where to start looking.
"Don't think about stopping me, I already have a plan!" Harrison walked over to the ballerina. He would finally reveal the truth to everyone.
"Our government has been lying to us for so long!" Harrison pulled off the ballerina's mask to reveal a robot's head. Everyone in the studio gasped. 
"This ballerina you all thought was beautiful? She's a robot! The ones with masks are all robots!" Harrison pointed at the ballerina. "Watching us, spying!" Harrison heard the guards behind him. He wasn't sure if he trusted this plan. Quickly, he ran and bashed through the windows of the studio. "I revealed the truth!" Harrison said as he flew through the sky. he felt something catch him. 
"Told you I would come." Harrison's girlfriend, Mary said. She had caught him with a net she found in her father's shop.
"Haha, thanks," Harrison said. "We have to move quickly, they're right behind me.'