Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The difference between
Lonely and
When you are
You don’t
Have to
Be alone
When you are

You can be lonely

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Infernal Escaped Prisoner

Bzzzz. Bzzzz. BZzzz. BZZ-  I slammed my hand down on that INFERNAL clock. I rolled over, contemplating the essential question: to get up or not to get up. Hunger warred with sleepiness, but eventually hunger won out. Not a shock. Shock? Shocking.... hair?


A groan escaped my throat. I sat up abruptly, and promptly my body tumbled onto the ground, entangled in sheets and all. Well damn. What a great start to such a wonderful day. I stumbled blearily to my bedroom door. It hissed open, and an all too familiar grin stepped out. I really hated morning people. Wait.. Was that...?


"Nice to see you too, sis." She said ruefully. "You should be in JAIL!" I screeched! Athena rubbed her ears and sighed. Really, what else did she expect? Being within a 100 yard radius of me in the morning is not to be advised. After what happened last time someone pulled that stunt, I thought people would have enough common sense to stay away. I'm not going into it now, but I can say that it involved superglue, dirty socks, and one very hairy skunk.

"Well, you've still got the lungs of the family.... And one very loud voice to go with it."  "Hey!" I
  protested. "And to answer your question," She continued, "I broke out." "WHAT! YOUR GODDAMN TRIAL IS TODAY!"

"Yeah,"  Athena ran a hand through her shock of blue hair. "It was actually really easy. All I had to do was fight the dozen or so guards leading me to the courtroom, find the control room, hack into the mainframe, disable the alarms, deactivate my body cuff, scan my body for a tracker, break said tracker, equip myself from their weapon room, erase myself from the video feeds, bust down the triple enforced doors, and loose a few hundred police. Like I said, easy." She shrugged.


"Broke out from prison." The pile of soon-to-be snail snot shrugged, tugging on her earring. "No big deal."

"No. Big. Deal? DO YOU WANT ME TO BE CHARGED WITH HARBORING AN ESCAPED..." I struggled for the right word. "CONVICT?"

"Ahh ah ah." She interrupted, holding up one black leather encased hand. "I have to stop you there. I was never tried." Grinning, she continued. "Never tried equals never convicted. I am therefore not a convict. Smuggler? Yes. Thief? Yes. "Pickpocket? Yes. Assassin? Yes. Queen? Most certainly. But convict? No way in Hades." That weasel concluded, ticking off the descriptions on her fingers.

I ground my teeth. "You. Infernal. Escaped. Prisoner."
"That's me." She agreed. "Wanna go to the park?"
"Is that a yes then?"

I started to bang my head against the table, not wanting to see that infuriating smirk again. If I did, I'm afraid that I would be the one shipped off to prison. Namely for murder.

I started to hear ringing. Was my head really that sensitive? I concentrated on the ringing sound, and not the voice of the idiot babbling on next to me. Honestly, you would think she didn't have to breathe. The ringing grew louder and louder, loud enough to overpower the incessant chattering of my older sister. Until I realized she had stopped her jargon, and obviously heard it too.




Staring, staring with no expression in my eyes everything's a bore, a blur.
The dark purple sky with a tint of blue fades into a light blue,
into a yellow that mixes a shade of green where they touch,
then a fading red that seems like orange.
I hope it can last for long.
but it's fading.
Under the sky there's bare trees with leaves trying to hang on.
Their turning brown.
But soon they'll be back for springs about to come.
Street light guide your way.
My stomach, hungry, growling.
"A monster."
My eyes are sore from being open all day.
I want to rest them for a second.
My hands are sore from writing a few too much.
My body wants to rest.
Can you wait a while for me?
My ears  hear clam and pleasant music.
Blinking I try not to erase,
but there's just way too much mistakes.
My mind is blank,
I don't know what I should write.
I hesitate.
I hold on tight.
I let go.
I'm free.
Now I'm trapped in a cage.

Legends of Miles and Logan

           "You may now take a computer, Miles and Logan" said Miles' mom. Miles wheeled on a computer in his chair, competing with Logan, his best friend. But Logan came in faster and his computer was already on, making him first to log onto Plants vs. Zombies 2, their favorite game. They had received $5 each on their computer, enough for both of them to buy a premium plant. Each of them had 1 premium plant already,  and Miles had chomper and Logan had cactus. They were each equally good at the game, and they still couldn't decide which one of them was better at the game. After a few minutes, Miles bought gems so he could unlock a premium plant, and he bought hypmotizershroom, a plant that when zombies eat it, they turn around and eat other zombies instead of other plants. Logan bought bristlethorn, a plant that launches spikes to zombies closest to the house. Logan wanted to buy all cactus-related plants, and bristlethorn was one. And together they played, until more than 500 miles away a team of illegal inventors tested their game digitizer invention on Logan and Miles, curious to see if the dangerous and risky invention worked. And it certainly did, but unfortunately the random people Miles and Logan were the people tested. So in Florida, the illegal inventors started booting the disastrous digitalizer up to full as Logan and Miles tried the first level just to test their new plants. A second later, and the digitalizer was up to full and ready to fire. Logan and Miles picked their plants, and at the same time as they both pressed start the digitalizer fired. Suddenly, instead of clicking on plants to plant them, they disappeared. Just as soon as they saw blindingly white light, it disappeared. They then saw ancient Egypt, and then near them they saw an ancient Egyptian house with pictures of plants on the walls and the roof. They looked around and they both yelled at the same time to each other : "we're in plants vs. zombies 2?!". As they both agreed to look in the house, another figure watched them. "Waggle fibloom baggelwa?"the mysterious presence watched over them as they entered the presence's house. The presence then disappeared to meet the visitors. Meanwhile, Miles and Logan looked around the house, amazed by the pictures of plants that had a  double barreled mouth. Logan said, "isn't that the repeater?" Miles answered" I think so". And then a shadow swept over them and both Miles and Logan grabbed something near them and swung it out to the shadow. But the shadow quickly stepped back, unharmed. As Miles and Logan braced themselves to fight, the shadow stepped out into the light and revealed himself. "Migaffle?" he said. Miles and Logan then relaxed as they saw Crazy Dave, a character in plants vs. zombies 2. "Oh, it's just Crazy Dave" Miles said. "This must be his house" Miles said. "Snorkle daggle" Crazy Dave said. Logan translated "the zombies will be coming. You must plant to stop them. Here are some seed packets"."Cool!" Miles and Logan both said at the same. Then they heard a mysterious sound coming from outside.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My Story

My Story

Tears. . .
I feel tears down my cheeks.
 Reaching, my hand raising to wipe the salty tears,
 from which you get when you're sad or depressed.
 My hands is reaching and has reached.
But the it's not there.

I panic.

Suddenly, I become calm.
 I always wonder had happened in the past.
I never knew.

I Forgot.

Who am I.
Who should I be.
Then, I met you. . .
Who are you?
I wonder.
I wondered.
You smile at me.
I smile back.
Then I feel warmth flowing into me.
I am back.

I remember.

I take my hand and led me into the light.
I was chained in a cage.
BUT now I'm free.

Thank you.

Mixed Auras

Of all that exists on the earth
I am the only one that proved my worth
I am the only one that broke free
I am the One of Mixed Auras
You must not envy me
I control past, present and future
I am death, I am life
At the gate your words must not slur
Otherwise I wield a knife
Be wary of the power that I carry
To be is to feel pain
Do not hesitate, do not tarry
Or never be reborn again
The beginning is the end
Your life was over before it began
The thread has broken and cannot be mend
From death's embrace many ran
To flee is to admit weakness
Lurking inside your heart
Accept death with honor and nothing less
The journey may be hard
But a shard of memory shall be left
To cure you of a broken heart
Apon your grave will lie a wreath
To escort you to your realm of death